Our Questing Explorers are a strong community, you are our pride and joy! Quest experts who do not stop at completing successive routes, and aspire to engage in our work and/or support the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” Programme in assorted ways are invited to join the Questing Club. We wish to put your knowledge and experience to use in developing our Programme.

The Questing Club is a consulting-and-strategic Facebook Group for Questing Explorers, thanks to which you have actual influence on how the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” Programme will evolve (we consult new Programme areas, new mobile app functionalities, and other strategic Quest development directions with our group members).

The following individuals are invited to join our Questing Club:

If part of a Family Account, you can choose one person you are Questing with – that person will join the Questing Club with you. 

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