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"Questing Super Fan" 2023

Do you rate and comment on Quests on a regular basis? Do you post personal Expedition accounts online? You can earn points for any contribution to Quest promoting efforts! Join our “Questing Super Fan” 2023 competition, complete tasks and win prizes! Click to learn more about our competition.


What can I get in exchange for promoting the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” programme?


  •  A commemorative diploma and a “Questing Super/Mega Fan” 2023 Badge presented early next year,

  • Electronic “Questing Super/Mega Fan” 2023 Badge of Honour,

  • Quest Card package,

  • Quest gift with an inscription reading “Questing Super Fan 2023” or “Questing Mega Fan 2023”,

  • Invitation to join our Questing Club for the whole following year.

Attention! The Questing Super Fan” competition is organised annually – if uncertain about joining today, you can join next year!

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