Support Quests

We would be grateful for regular support. Monthly payments will let us plan successive activities without any concern of running out of funds, while allowing you unlimited access to enjoyable and exciting Quests.

Select one of the options listed below:

  • Set up a standing direct debit order on your bank account, entering the following data:
    • Fundacja Mapa Pasji
    • Bank name: BNP Paribas
    • Account number: PLN 28 1750 0012 0000 0000 3580 1038
    • Transfer title: Quests donation, your login (nick)

ATTENTION! When entering your data, use your reference e-mail address for the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” website / app to let us know who has earned our Badge of Honour! 

How do you benefit from supporting us on a monthly basis?

If supporting the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” with a minimum amount of PLN 10.00 per month (by bank transfer), you earn a right to the following:

  • Access to our Questing Club – regular supporters (and holders of the Bronze PTTK [Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society] “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” badge) will be invited to join our consulting-and-strategy Facebook Questing Group. You will have actual influence on the future development of the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” programme. More about the Questing Club:
  • Annual “I Do My Best to Complete and Help Quests” Badge of Honour, displayed in your User Account and Explorers’ ranking,
  • Priority in accessing special quests during the respective six-month period,
  • 10% discount in our Quest Online Shop,
  • Priority in joining any Explorer Event with a limited number of participant spots.

That’s not all! Once the sum of your donations reaches a specific amount, there’s more to come:

  • If over the given year the sum of your donations reaches no less than PLN 100.00, at the end of that year we will send a “I Do My Best to Complete and Help Quests 2023” Badge of Honour to your regular mailing address,
  • Once the overall sum of your donations reaches PLN 240.00, you will receive a unique Questing Gift (e.g. a bag or mug, gifts subject to annual change, unavailable as regular merchandise or competition prize) with an inscription reading “I Do My Best to Complete and Help Quests”.


Why do our Quests need your backing?

How do we secure funds for Quest design and delivery?

Each year, we design over 100 new Quests across Poland, so that you never run out of new Treasure hunting ideas. Both our Foundations (“Map of Passions” and “Calamita”) secure funds to that purpose from national and regional grant programmes, EU and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, and regional and local governments. We have also been commissioned to design Quests by centres of culture, libraries, Local Action Groups, and private companies, to support their in-house projects.

These funds make it possible to:

  • Organise Quest design workshops,
  • Add Quests to the mobile app and website,
  • Print Quest leaflets (Quest Cards),
  • Prepare Quest Treasures.


Why do we need your backing?

Quests are usually created as part of individual projects which eventually come to an end. We would like expeditions – once designed – to remain forever available to all Explorers thanks to state-of-the-art, attractive tools – our mobile app and website. We would also love to see the Explorer Questing community constantly grow and be able to count on our work.

We need your regular donations to be able to do the following:

•    Supplement and service Quest Treasures (occasionally destroyed or stolen, subject to weather-related wear and tear, etc),
•    Update Quests requiring modifications due to change in the field / landscape conditions,
•    Print extra Quest Cards if modified or if running out of copies,
•    Employ individuals regularly responding to your questions, reacting to commentaries and/or notified issues, responding to technical or information support requests, etc.,
•    Update, develop and service our Questing tools (website and mobile app), requiring server use, programming service and new functionality fees, etc.,
•    Review Quests (check whether Quests are up to date, inspect the condition of Quests in the field, communicate with Quest Custodians, etc.),
•    Promote the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” programme on a regular basis, letting the Questing community and Quest numbers grow throughout Poland.

Thank you!

Support Quests
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