Join the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” Volunteer Programme

Support Questing world development by joining our Volunteer Programme. If you love Quests and want to contribute to their evolvement, we will be more than happy to have you on board.

How can I join the Volunteer Programme?

If interested in joining the Quest Volunteer Programme, fill out the Application Form. Depending on the voivodship of your residence, you will sign a Volunteer Services Memorandum with the “Calamita” or “Map of Passions” Foundation. You will then attend an online training session and be allowed access to the Volunteer Platform listing suggested tasks and activities. If you so choose, you can be assigned Volunteer Programme tasks irrespective of your region of residence.

What kind of tasks can a Volunteer be assigned?

We offer a vast array of activities and tasks for completion, our Volunteers free to choose those they will be best at. Love taking photos? Sign up for photographing Quest routes and events. You can also become a Quest Caretaker, reporting any changes to routes or need to supplement/replace Treasures – or create Treasures and Treasure boxes yourself! The list of activities you can help us with is as long as your arm. You can view the list when filling out the Application Form. You’re welcome to come up with your own ideas!

Activities and tasks open to our Team of Volunteers:

  • Taking care of a selected Quest (for at least 6 months)
  • Inspecting existing Quests, testing a new Quest in the field
  • Quest Treasure servicing (np. setting up new boxes, supplementing missing seals or ink, etc.)
  • Providing assistance with organising and/or moderating events – such as Quest Picnics,
  • Building Quest Treasure boxes / masking solutions,
  • Shooting drone footage to promote Quests,
  • Creating Quest drawings / designing Quest graphics,
  • Taking Quest-related photographs,
  • Making Quest-promoting films,
  • Moderating the user comment section on the website and/or app, and/or on our social media (for at least 3 months)
  • Fundraising to develop “Quests – Explorer Expeditions”
  • Other activities and tasks (proposals welcome!)

How can you benefit from joining the Volunteer Programme?

You give us your time, we pay you back with bonuses:'

  • With an invitation to join our Questing Club – a Quest aficionados’ group, consulted on future development directions for the “Quests – Explorer Expeditions” programme
  • With “Quest Volunteer” badges, for completing the number of activities/tasks as specified in Rules and Regulations (first 5 tasks – Virtual Badge, 10 tasks – metal Basic Badge, 25 tasks – metal Bronze Badge, 50 tasks – metal Silver Badge, 100 tasks – metal Gold Badge)
  • With a unique collector’s T-shirt
  • With the right to participate in strategic workshops
  • With a Volunteer Programme completion certificate


Can I join the Volunteer Programme with my whole family?

We encourage any family member above sixteen to join the Volunteer Programme. Yet in order to sign the required Memorandum, receive Badges and enjoy any other Volunteer bonuses, you will need to set up a separate User Account on the website / in the Quest app.

Where can I learn more about the Volunteer Programme?

Rules and Regulations of the Quest Volunteer Programme stipulate all principles of our co-operation, as well as the Volunteer’s rights and responsibilities and Volunteer bonuses. Read the Rules and Regulations of the Quest Volunteer Programme carefully before deciding to send in a Volunteer Programme Application Form.

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