How do I begin?

Get registered – set up a free-of-charge User Account on our website, or in the Quests – Explorer Expeditions mobile app. A login and e-mail address are enough. Use the same login data for the website and app!

Can I go questing with a group – my family, for example?

Of course! Just remember: User = 1 person, which is why:

  • It makes sense to set up separate accounts for each family member; a parent or another family member has to set up an account for any child below 13 years of age,
  • Should one account be considered sufficient for your whole family, only one person can be the official User – that person will have to complete all Quests assigned to the account (others may accompany the User, yet without the right to follow or complete Quests selected for the main User’s account).


Where do I get a Quest?

Quests are available:

NOTE: a full list of active Quests is available on the website. Some Quests are only available in Card format, others – only in the mobile app.

How should I prepare for a Quest?

Before setting out, read the Quest description carefully. The description contains information on the Quest theme, trail length, type of route (walking, cycling, water route, other), estimated completion time, area type (village/town, forest/fields, indoor expedition), etc. Dress for success – choose clothing and gear accordingly (local and weather conditions)!

Each Quest description contains symbols standing for the following, respectively: 

Walking Quest
Cycling Quest
Water Route Quest
Other Quest (e.g. Driving)
(with a number) trail length (does not include the return to the start line for linear or semi-looped Quests)
(with a number) estimated completion time (actual times may vary significantly, depending on your walking/cycling/kayaking/driving tempo)
(with a number) distance from the Quest start line
(with description) year-round/seasonal Quest (e.g. available in the spring and summer only)
Looped Quest (shortest finishing line to start line distance shall not exceed 300 metres)
Semi-looped Quest (shortest finishing line to start line distance shall not exceed 1 kilometre)
Linear Quest (shortest finishing line to start line distance may exceed 1 kilometre)
Historical Quest (mostly history-themed)
Cultural Quest (mostly culture-themed)
Nature Quest (mostly nature-themed)
Other Quest (prevalent theme differing from the above)

How do I complete a Quest in the field?

Go to the start line specified in the Quest description. Read all rhyming clues carefully. Solve riddles. The final answer composed of letters and/or numbers collected on the way will lead you to the Quest Treasure – a commemorative seal.

What does “completing a Quest” mean?

You have to: 1) travel the full length of the Quest trail in the field; 2) use the Treasure (commemorative seal) to stamp your Card; 3) enter your User name in the Quest Ledger; 4) take a photograph at the Treasure location (facial images are not required), should a verification of your results be required. The only exception to this rule are virtual quests, which can be completed from in front of a computer screen;
Remember: Quests are a game designed for players to discover the world – take your time and play fair!

Take care of Quest Treasures!

Never reveal Treasure locations or seal hiding place codes to third parties. Try and make yourself inconspicuous when finding the Treasure. Conceal the Treasure before leaving. Never upload Treasure location photographs online – don’t spoil the fun for others or reveal Treasure hiding places to unauthorised persons.

What should I do if the Treasure is missing?

We are doing all we can for Treasures to be available at all times – yet it does happen that they are destroyed or stolen. Let us know if the Treasure is missing. You can also get in touch with the Quest Custodian.

How do I log a completed Quest?

If completing a Quest in the app, the Quest will be added to your User Account automatically. If completing the Quest with a printed Card, add the Quest to your results: 1) log in to our website; 2) add the Quest completed with a Card (you will need the Quest title and final answer). Note: each quest - even if it is available in several languages - can be logged only once.

What is a Quest Players ranking?

The ranking is a list of Users and their individual results – number of completed Quests. The ranking includes Quests completed in the app and/or with a printed Quest Card (provided they have been logged). The place in the ranking depends on the total number of completed Quests, with results per Quest as a secondary feature: for Quests completed in the mobile app, players can earn colour-coded seals, the colour depending on the number of correct riddle answers: gold (more than 90% points), silver (70-90% points), or bronze (less than 70% points); a green seal is awarded for Quests completed with the Quest Card. The ranking is accessible via the mobile app (menu: ranking) or on the website User Account.

How can I earn badges?

You can earn different badges for completed Quests. The Basic PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) Quests – Explorer Expeditions badge, for example, can be earned already upon completion of 5 Quests. Remember: 1 User = 1 badge. Quests completed with the Quest Card have to be added to your User Account (see above). You will receive an e-mail message once you have met all badge-earning conditions. For more information, go HERE.

What are virtual Quests?

Virtual Quests are the only ones you can join from the comfort of your home, via Google Street view. It’s a wonderful choice for a rainy day – or for anyone who cannot join a Quest in the field.

What are Premium Quests?

Premium Quests are only available to special access code holders. Special access codes can be earned for special achievements or activities. In practical terms, the term “Premium Quest” can also mean that it the Quest has not gone beyond the testing phase, and will shortly be accessible to everyone.

What does it mean that a Quest is “temporarily unavailable”?

Most frequently, this means that the Quest Treasure is physically missing. Other reasons may include changes to the Quest route which make Quest completion impossible (e.g. a local facility closed or undergoing renovation; local field conditions might be undergoing change). Reasons for unavailability are specified in the Quest description.


A consultative and strategic group of questers on Facebook, thanks to which you will gain a real influence on the further development of the Quests – Explorer Expeditions programme (we consult with the members of the group on the strategic directions of quests' development, new functionalities in the mobile application, etc.).

  • Membership in the Questers' Club is obtained by:
  • Quest Ambassadors - for life
  • Mega/Super Fans of Quests - for the entire following year
  • Regular supporters of the Quests Explorer Expeditions programme (see more)
  • Quest volunteers 


Stay up to date!

If interested in updates regarding new Quests, competitions, and/or other interesting events, and/or access to Quest expedition stories posted by other Users:

  • Sign up for our newsletter on your User Account on the website (newsletters mailings are scheduled every 2 weeks or so),
  • Follow the Quests – Explorer Expeditions on Facebook (HERE) and/or on Instagram,
  • Sign up for the Quests – Explorer Expeditions (community) Group on Facebook (HERE)


Share your impressions!

Rate and comment on the Quests you complete – let others know what they can expect. You can do that in the mobile app, via your User Account on the website, or in the Quests – Explorer Expeditions (community) Group on Facebook (HERE).

Support us!

A fan of Quests? Support us to let us design more, and develop our website and app. There are a number of ways for you to do that. For more information, go HERE.


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Aplikacja mobilna Questy - Wyprawy Odkrywców


Using the mobile app

Find the Quest you’re interested in on the map or the list of Quests.

  1. Go to the start line of the chosen route. To do that, switch on the navigation system (“NAVIGATE TO START LINE” button in the Quest description). It will guide you to the correct location.
  2. Press the “BEGIN QUEST” button. Pay close attention to clues hidden in rhymed content – they will point you in the right direction. Riddles await at a sequence of locations – watch your surroundings closely to solve the riddles and earn points for correct answers.
  3. Successive Quest components will be displayed once you reach the location specified in the Quest content (your phone will vibrate to notify you that you’ve reached the correct destination). The “NEXT” button will be activated. If unsure where to go next, use the prompts on the map.
  4. When solving riddles, you will reveal successive characters (letters and numbers) in the Quest’s final answer visible at the top (and marked with a padlock symbol). Once all the riddles have been solved, you will receive a virtual route completion certificate showing your nick, and the Quest title and seal. You can store it in your device’s memory as a commemorative item to show to and share with others. Your score will also be entered onto the app user ranking.
  5. If paying close attention to end-of-Quest clues, you will also have the option of finding a real-life Treasure Box (Quest seal you can use as proof of having travelled the entire trail). If the Treasure is unguarded, remember to leave it exactly where you found it – let other Explorers find it too!
  6. Should the Treasure be missing at the specified location or should you encounter other issues along the road, let us know (look for contact data under the “Contact Us” tab in the menu).

The “Explorer Expeditions” app has been developed by 3Step Sp. z o.o.
We are also co-operating with other companies specialising in similar software solutions (i.a. Amistad Sp. z o.o.).

User Account:

Once created in the app, the User Account will be also active on the website. After logging onto the website, you can also:


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